Court Crandall, our CPO (Chief Positivity Officer)

Positivity works from the top down, and Court Crandall has excelled in both the advertising and entertainment industries for decades. His successes include being named Creative Leader of The Year by the WSAAA, Creative All Star by Adweek Magazine, winning the Grand Clio for Best TV Spot In The World, generating the top news story on Yahoo and winning the Boston Film Festival Audience Award for his documentary, Free Throw, winning Best Screenplay for a Lobster Tale, penning the Random House children's book, Hugville, writing most of Rob Gronkowski's material for the David Ortiz Roast, creating three television shows that died before they made air and writing the original draft of the Dreamworks cult classic, Old School, which, yes, was based on his life. Well, except the streaking part.


Cout Headshot.JPG